Booking Engines

EzyRez offers our own full featured booking engine - EzyRez Online (see Products menu).  For clients wishing to connect use one of the huge range of other booking engines now available, EzyRez can provide a seamless two way link.  This means that availability and pricing can be fed up to your chosen booking engine, with bookings dropping straight into EzyRez.

Choose the marketing options that best suit your business, then take full advantage of them by connecting your business to the world via EzyRez.  

Are you currently using a competitor's program that can't connect to your chosen booking engine?  You're almost certain to be losing revenue to businesses that have their property management system and booking engine connected.  EzyRez offers an impressive range of connectivity choices with our full open data policy.

For Developers

EzyRez has a comprehensive web service in place with full API documentation.  If an EzyRez client would benefit from connecting to your booking engine, contact our development team as we are always adding new functionality for the benefit of our clients and would welcome your enquiry.