Read through testimonials provided by some of our key clients.

We changed from the old system to EzyRez on the day of settlement and changing was easy. The team at EzyRez are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The EzyRez system has so many advanced features over the old system which has saved our staff countless hours of work per week. With full integration to our touch screen Point Of Sale system at the bar and kiosk, and a real commitment to our business needs, changing to EzyRez has helped us focus on greater efficiencies and growing our business.

Rex & Caroline Fitzgerald
Varsity Towers

We changed our Property Management System to EzyRez upon our purchase of Turtle Beach Resort. Our need was for a system that was flexible enough to deal with 300 apartments and a multitude of wholesalers. It was also imperative to implement a system that was synergised with our online booking system and channel management.

Since it's installation we have added point of sale modules in our 2 restaurants and convenience shop which integrate into the guest account in EzyRez. We have recently added the latest developed module which allows us to timetable and guest charge our two tennis courts, Kids Club and Day Spa. This not only allows scheduling but seamless chargeback and cost centre reporting. The beauty of the product is that you can use all or just a few of the included features.

Comprehensive reporting allows us to identify trends and react accordingly to manage our rates. The EzyChannel manager delivers us bookings 24/7 and last minute availability is the only way properties should be handling vacancies to ensure maximum yield. The business' online bookings have increased dramatically since changing to EzyRez.

The EzyRez support is superb. Their development team work closely with us for the timely delivery of system refinements and new features. I believe EzyRez is the most superior product on the market and I highly recommend it.

Stephen West
Turtle Beach Resort

EzyRez was our first choice when we realised how vital it was that we upgrade to a software program which could simplify our booking process & trust accounting. From the first day we began operating the EzyRez system, we have been so impressed with the attention to detail, the regular upgrades and the service offered by the EzyRez support team. As we have a reasonably large letting pool, but a small staff with limited computer knowledge, EzyRez has cut our workload, improved our professionalism and reduced any possibility of booking or trust accounting errors to zero. I would not hesitate to recommend EzyRez as the first choice in Reservation & Trust Accounting Software.

Sue & Gordon Higman
Atlantis Marcoola

I changed our software to EzyRez in all of our buildings a year and a half ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. The change over was very smooth and the service from the support team was and still is exceptional. I was also very impressed with their forward thinking and receptive attitude regarding ongoing enhancements to the software. Most importantly though, EzyRez connects me to my online booking sources in a way that my old software just couldn't.

Lyn Stephens
Tri Accom

We have been using EzyRez at Gemini Court for the last 3 years. We were very nervous about moving from our previous provider but found the transition to be smooth and easy. EzyRez made sure we were kept informed about the process during transition and his support team have been second to none in the time we have been with them.

The efficiency, ease and support provided by the EzyRez team is commendable. The End of Month process is straight forward. The system itself is uncomplicated – all our front desk staff were able to pick it up quickly, allowing for a painless transition.

EzyRez has also allowed us to see exponential growth with online bookings, thus generating higher revenues increasing efficiencies and distribution through our online agents. It allows us to sell every last room. It has never been easier using EzyRez Online as it gives us the ability to streamline processes and expand global reach – all in one integrated hotel distribution and connectivity solution.

Gemini Court Holiday Apartments is a proud supporter of EzyRez. We will happily answer any questions with management teams that would like more information about the program itself, the transition, reporting or End of Month.

Anna Racette
Gemini Court

With many years in IT before entering Management Rights, we were looking for a system which matched our high expectations for quality, consistency, reliability, attention to detail and ease of operation. When upgrading our Reservations & Trust Accounting System we chose EzyRez, not only for the quality system but also for their exceptional Customer Service. The team at EzyRez has provided us with excellent service from preparing us for our upgrade to listening to our feedback and providing solutions to specific requirements. We highly recommend EzyRez to any property considering upgrading their Reservations and Trust Accounting Software.

Peta & Tony Farmer
Tropic Towers

Jan & I researched all available reservations/trust software prior to leaving Melbourne just over 4 years ago. This has been our first management rights business. Jan had not used a computer before, so we were looking for a program that was easy to learn and easy to understand. On arriving at Contessa, we decided to change over to EzyRez as soon as possible. We have not regretted the move! EzyRez continuously upgrade their software and we consider them to be industry leaders and very innovative in their approach. Built from scratch as a "Windows" product, it performs well on a network and forms and reporting happen just as you would want. End of month is a breeze! Support is excellent and any problems are resolved quickly. I would be happy to recommend the EzyRez team.

David Gardner
Contessa Holiday Apartments